In order to test my prototype, I would need to first find some local high schoolers that were interested in this type of social platform. I would find them through the various clubs at Fayetteville High School that discuss or celebrate some of the topics I want my platform to explore. I would want to prototype this platform in a couple different ways. Firstly, I would communicate with the principal of Fayetteville High School to put up an open ended mural with a question that would revel vulnerabitliy or connection between one another. This question could be “What is your biggest worry?” or “What makes you feel closer to other people?” and would feature answers and themes that would be similar to the Confess portion of my site. I would put up an informational poster next to the mural board to get students interested in visiting my platform site, and explain the purpose behind the mural. This would give me quantitative data telling me how many students seemed drawn in and immediately interested in the content that would be featured on the site. Then, I would give some of the students the freedom to be the firsts to create an account and post on my platform. It would have to begin somewhere, because this platform thrives off of the participation of others. I would give these students three weeks to get the platform started, and hopefully they would help spread the word to other friends that would be interested and visit the site. After some content has built up, I would want to see my platform in live action so I would conduct a monitored usability test. I would want to get together a couple different high schoolers for a sit in session where I would give them access to the site. Each student would sit in their own room to engage with the site. With their permission, I would have access to their screen and also video record the students as they explore and post on the site. Although body language isn’t everything, I would want to be able to see their reactions versus what they submit and type online. I could see this taking place for two hours long, and giving a couple different students their own chance to explore and submit to the site. I would want them to feel if they could share anything, so it would be important for other students to submit topics of conversation and confessions before the usability test happened. I want to create a social platform website because I feel that this is reminiscent of the old school Tumblr and Reddit communicating online. Because users have a choice in anonymously engaging or they can use their name in the username, this creates a feeling of a safe space online. Applications nowadays give us instant gratification and instant connection, messages and likes can be clicked in a minute. There is something about sitting down on the computer and setting aside intentional time to connect and learn in an online community. Through my prototyping, I would look for the vulnerability being shared online through the confession space and conversation space. Hopefully these spaces would lean towards topics of social change and create more opportunity for the development of empathy, which has many positive effects for humanity as a whole. I would look for unconventional thinking topics that are not expressed or taught in high schools directly. In the create space, I would look for expression of students through many forms of mediums. I would be curious to see how far someone might take it to answer one of the weekly prompts.